Tips to avoid hitting the spam filter when sending an email campaign

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Email is one of the most effective marketing tools available and it has the added bonus of being free to deliver too. However, creating a successful email marketing campaign is also one of the most difficult things to achieve. This is because you not only have to convince your reader that your email should be the one they open out of the tens or even hundreds of others they might receive, but you also have to convince whatever spam filter the recipient of your email has in place that your email is genuine and legitimate. If you fail to do this then your email could become blocked forever.


Complying with spam regulations is the first step towards making sure your emails are delivered successfully. A spam filter is design to block unsolicited or spam email so you will need to make sure that you have permission to contact the person you are emailing and that they want to receive the information you are sending them. When your customer agrees or signs up to receive your emails you should also ask them to add your email address to their address book so that it is recognised.


Make sure when you sign people up to receive your email campaigns that they are aware of how frequently you intend to contact them as you don’t want to create a nuisance by filling up their inbox every day. Similarly, if they decide that they no longer wish to receive any more information from you there should always be a clear unsubscribe method at the footer of every email you send out. This is very important when complying with spam regulations.


Computer software is designed to seek out any potential threats and viruses to your computer. Unfortunately, these are often delivered in the form of emails so this is one area where the checks are particularly stringent. You should never ever send an attachment with your email campaign. If you wish to provide further information then you must do so in the form of an embedded link to your website. Any email that is delivered with an attachment is likely to be flagged as spam.


Lastly, spam filters are designed to pick up on key words and phrases that are often associated with spam emails. This can include words like ‘free’ or ‘congratulations’ although some less obvious words are also sometimes flagged. It is a good idea to always run a spam check on your email prior to sending so you can make sure you are not using any language that may cause your email to be blocked.

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Email marketing solutions will also help you deliver your campaign more successfully and have features like an automatic unsubscribe function that means you can rest assured your email marketing campaign is compliant with spam regulations.

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Tips to avoid hitting the spam filter when sending an email campaign

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Tips to avoid hitting the spam filter when sending an email campaign

This article was published on 2012/04/26