Secrets to Email Marketing Success

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It is fair to say that email marketing is now one of the most powerful tools in the marketing armory. The average person now spends more time every day reading their emails, than they do on any other application.

Once you have built your list, Emailing should form the key part of a follow up strategy in any marketing campaign. The ability to build a relationship with your subscribers/members should be the goal. You need to offer them sound advice, good content, and value, in an effort to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.
However, there are 12 simple rules to creating an effective email campaign, without "turning off" your subscribers.
Get in the Mailbox - Much email marketing is labeled as spam before it is even opened. This is very often down to poor wording. Use of words like "get rich" or "make money" in the subject line is guaranteed to end up in the spam folder. If you have any doubt about your spam content, check it using an email analyzer, there are plenty of free ones on the net. Also, get your subscribers to "whitelist" your address.
Subject Line Has to Grab Attention - You need a subject that "pulls" the reader in. Questioning headers that create intrigue and curiosity are best, without giving any content away. Force them to open the email, to answer the question.
Keep It Short - If you can see the fictitious "white paper" under the final sentence without scrolling down, you are ok. If the reader feels the information is too long, they will not even start to read.
Do Not Sell in The Email - the email should be treated as a method of getting traffic to your site, not as a sales tool. Your website should be the sales tool. Use your email to identify the the problem. Use your site to offer the solution.
Make your Email Personal - Always use your subscribers name in the emails. This will help breed a feeling of comfort and trust between parties.
Keep Paragraphs Short - Each paragraph should be 4-6 lines long. Readers are immediately switched off by lengthy, never-ending text.
Write as You Speak - Many emails, particularly from bigger organizations appear as sales adverts immediately. Many readers immediately click back off the email. Writing your email in spoken word form will put you at the reader level, and it will appear more personal, and directed at them.
Avoid Mention of Cost - Any mention of any cost, even if you feel it is tremendous value will turn the reader off. Leave this to your sales page and website.
Focus on YOU the Reader - the tone of the email should consistently be to the benefit of the reader. Whether offering products or services.
Create Urgency - Create a sense of urgency without selling or being pushy. Limits on numbers or timescales offers should be sensitively hinted at.
Do Not Give to Receive - The key to creating a long lasting relationship with your "customer" is to continually offer value. Good FREE content will encourage your reader to keep opening your mails. Offering FREE reports is a good way of building trust.
You must always remember that the purpose of the email campaign is to drive traffic to your website. You must constantly test what is working, headlines, content, gifts, information. People are fickle, and trends can change. Email marketing should be seen as a constant form of attraction to your site, that needs tweaking regularly.

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Secrets to Email Marketing Success

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This article was published on 2010/04/01