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Windows Hotmail is one of the most popular email providers on the internet.  Most everyone who uses the internet on a daily basis just about has a Hotmail account.  The major internet email providers besides Hotmail are Yahoo and Gmail.  The main webpage for users to sign in to their Microsoft Windows Hotmail account is  Users can input their username and password to login to their account.

Hotmail Email Features

The great thing about using Hotmail is that it's a free email service.  It is completely free to register for an email account and take advantage of all of its services and options available to users.  It seems the average internet user is more comfortable using free email services rather than paying a monthly fee to have an email account.  It just makes more sense considering you aren't getting much more value for the money.

Email Sweep

The email sweep feature allows users to group emails that are sent from the same sender to a specific folder.  This feature helps to organize your emails so you can keep track of who sent what and when.  This is such a handy feature because we all lose emails from time to time or important emails get  lost in the clutter.  Being able to use the sweep option will really bring organization to our email box.

Hotmail Smart Screen

The Hotmail Smart Screen feature takes care of all of the junk that arrives in our email inbox.  Whenever junk mail arrives it is identified as junk and put in the junk mail folder.  This is a much needed feature because we all know how prevalent junk mail is and how cumbersome it can be on a daily basis.  This automatic feature is a real gem.

Filter Messages Feature

With the click of a button the filter messages option filters all of your messages and only shows all the messages that are unread.  This feature is a big help for email users because it helps us to remember or jogs our memory of an email we previously saw but haven't reacted to yet.  The emails can be filtered depending on a person or possibly an email list you may have signed up for.

These are a few options that are associated with the Hotmail account.  There are more options that are designed to make emailing more of a pleasure and more helpful.  If you haven't started using your Hotmail account visit hotmail.
Get a free Hotmail account and start using your windows live hotmail login.


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Get a free Hotmail account and start using your windows live hotmail login.

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Https:// – MSN Windows Live Hotmail Login Sign in

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This article was published on 2010/11/22