How to Grow Your Opt In Email Lists

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Here are 6 ways to grow your opt-in email mailing lists.

• Your sign up form is crucial. It should be eye-catching, prominently linked to from your homepage, and the process of signing up should be quick and require the least amount of information possible (in most cases a name and email address will do).

• You should link to your sign up form from every page on your website. You cannot predict where your visitors will navigate to on your site or if and when they will sign up, but if your sign up form is always available then you can be sure that wherever they are, the opportunity to sign up will always be there.

• Consider placing a link to your sign up form in your email signatures. How many business emails do you send in a day? If everyone in your company does the same, then all the contacts of each individual department in your company become potential subscribers. Similarly, include a link to your sign up form in all official documents your company sends.

• If your website has a news or blog section, include links to your sign up format the end of posts. People are more likely to subscribe if they feel your company has more to offer them than hard sell, and if prompts to opt-in are accompanied by valuable and relevant How To's or tutorials, then you are more likely to have success.

• If your company has recently merged, or if it has relaunched under a new name, it is best to send a reintroduction email to existing email mailing lists to refresh their memory and update them on the recent changes. Emailing them without an introduction first will only annoy them, and may even result in you being reported as spam.

• Using Confirmed Opt-in (or Double Opt-in) processes can ensure your email mailing lists contain truly interested prospects. This involves the subscriber confirming their subscription by activating a link sent in a confirmation email or replying to a confirmation email. Although your list will be smaller, at least you will be sure that all your subscribers are potential clients and not stalemates.

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How to Grow Your Opt In Email Lists

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This article was published on 2010/03/30