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Development of internet and technology has brought a lot of convenience and has made sending and receiving messages so easy which was really difficult in the past and was considered a tedious task. Writing letters on paper or postcard, sending them through postal service took a lot of time in reaching its destination. But now it is possible to send and receive mails very quickly just by pressing a key. Sending and receiving mails take place so quickly that we are bound to think how does this actually happen. The main element responsible for email communication is the Email Server SMTP. The technology behind the functioning of the email server is really interesting.

Actually, email communication is possible due to Email Server SMTP and POP3. There are many email software packages and all these work in a similar manner; that is, they download the incoming email into the computer from the server of the concerned email account. Communication over the internet is possible through client-server connectivity. This can be explained in the following way- the client computer is connected to the server, which is another computer, through a unique internet protocol address on the internet. The server hosts all the requests sent by the client computer and serves by providing various web pages. Servers are high speed machines and their main job is to serve the requests made by millions of client servers.

When a mail is sent, the system is connected to the sender’s email service’s mail server. This is a centralized computer which takes care of a specific service like an email server handles emails. Now the Email Server SMTP passes the mail to another SMTP Server and then to the terminus through several hops. There is a sender and a recipient for every email. When sending an email the client gets connected to the SMTP Server of the sender’s email service. Then it transmits the address of the sender, address of the recipient and the content of the mail. The SMTP finally locates the recipient’s domain on the basis of the recipients email address. The process becomes simple if the domain of the recipient’s email id is the same as the sender.

The domain refers to an exclusive web address known as Internet Protocol address. The Domain Name Registry stores the link between the domain names and their IP address. The SMTP Server then calls the DNS Server which in turn provides the address. The SMTP Server sends the email to the SMTP Server of the recipient’s mail service. This server checks whether the email address of the recipient is present in its list and then sends it to POP3. POP3 servers are responsible to store the email ids. Each email id has a username and a password. The mail remains with the POP3 server until the recipient checks the mail by logging in.

This is the mechanism behind the fast and less time consuming mailing system which would not be possible without Email Server SMTP or SMTP Server. It is the most advanced mailing system because it handles millions of requests made by the clients from all over the world.,

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Functioning Of Email Server SMTP

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Functioning Of Email Server SMTP

This article was published on 2011/08/15