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Recent improvements in the field of technology have ensured that you can now easily send a fax through email. A decade ago, you could only send in your faxes by using a machine which was dedicated to the process of sending faxes - the fax machine. The huge equipment was always considered to be a real hindrance. But the advances made in technology ensured that you no longer need any particular machine as such to send your fax. You can now almost effortlessly send a fax through email.

You can now send and receive faxes via email by having a computer and a working internet connection and an email account. You then need to have a subscription to a particular service which lets you convert your email into a virtual fax machine.

Most such services are paid but there are a lot of free alternatives out there. Some of the paid ones include MyFax, RingCentral, eFax etc. These email faxing services are cheap with plans starting at just $8 a month!

RingCentral is among the best email fax services and very affordable as well. Once you have paid for the service, you can send a fax to any fax number in the world without having to worry about long distance charges. As a result of you being the premier customer, you are also entitled to a customer support round the clock.

Email faxing is perhaps the best recent technological development. Apart from the obvious ease of access, there other benefits of sending fax through email such as that it allows the user to send faxes from their individual PC's along with an option to print the same. It also helps to receive faxes as PDF attachments directly in your email inbox. This way the quality of the fax is maintained for a long time.

Therefore, email faxing services are perhaps the most cost effective and convenient way of sending and receiving faxes that business and individuals can use today.

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Fax Through Email

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This article was published on 2010/04/01