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What are the email newsletter design guidelines that should be followed in preparing email newsletters? Do the same rules that apply to a web site design also apply here? Here are some quick email newsletter design tips that you can follow.

1. Demand Your Readers Attention
You are competing with lots of email that people receive these days. Why would they choose to open your email over others?

Before opening the email, the reader sees only your subject line and preview pane. Take advantage of these. Create a subject line that they cannot resist. Consider starting with a table of contents so that the readers can see this and make a fast decision whether to open the email.

2. Permission Matters
Permission is required to send bulk email to people. It also helps to remind people about how they gave you that permission as some people forget.

A quick message at the top of your email can help people remember, and make them more likely to read on. This also helps towards reducing potential spam complaints.

3. Provide Relevant Information
More important than having permission is sending useful and relevant information to your subscribers. It is not about what you want to tell them. It is about what they expected to get from you when they subscribed to your email newsletter list.

4. Make It Easy To Unsubscribe
After receiving a few email newsletters, some of your readers may find that they are no longer interested in your content. It should then, be easy for them to unsubscribe. Hiding the unsubscribe link will only irritate those who want to do so and could end up with spam complaints.

5. Image Blocking Is Common
There are many of the major email clients like Outlook, AOL and Gmail where your images will not be shown by default. The readers need to click another link or button to make them download and display.

Many subscribers may not even realize that they can choose to see the images or may not bother. However perfect your imagery, it may just miss some of your readers.

Never use images for important content like headlines, links and call for action. Add a text-based link to a web version of your design at the top of your email. Test your email newsletter design with images turned off before you release the newsletter.

6. Remember The Plain Text Version
While the HTML emails may look beautiful, not everyone can view them. Your email newsletter design must take the plain text version into consideration.

7. Meet Legal Obligations
Be sure that you know about any specific commercial email regulations in your own country. The most well known of course are the US CAN-SPAM laws.

8. Test Your Design
Every email client may have their own unique differences. It is best to actually test with as many email clients as possible. This will ensure that the result of your email newsletter design is well received by the readers.

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Email Newsletter Design Guidelines

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This article was published on 2010/03/28