Email Encryption: What Is It For?

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Has anybody asked you about having your email encrypted? What is it for? You might have answered, "Email Encryption? Don't the paranoid folks do this?" Most of the time, other folks would have exactly the same reply and it might be even true. Correct when the case is you are only sending your newest high school reunion pictures to a number of your office mates as well as the entire household. Encrypting your emails would be overkill; however, more often than not, folks also use emails for company and individual reasons to transmit banking data, secret passwords, and other people without actually realizing the risks involved.

In most circumstances, almost all email messages are sent in plain text over the internet without having any kind of encryption, although an email protocol having the ability of supporting encryption doesn't have any dependable strategy to guarantee or impose end-to-end email encryption. Even email services like Gmail, which assists encryption in between their service and your pc, can't ensure that the email is going to be sent securely between their email server to the email server of one's receiver. Most of the time this happens when the email server of one's receiver doesn't offer you encryption support so Gmail is going to be forced to transmit your email in plain text instead. The same is essentially applicable to all personal and corporate mail environments.

If you use email encryption solutions, then you'll have powerful cryptography methods to ensure that the email messages are both stored and carried safely. This will make certain only you and your email recipients would be the only ones to own the capability to decrypt your message data. There is also the ability to control the amount of views per email, set restricted start and stop time for email message viewing, set expiration dates for the emails, and get revoke email viewing privileges.

By having an email encryption solution for your company, it is possible to have maximum email security. You can easily use as it doesn't need you to install any computer software. You can receive, send, forward, and reply secure emails without dealing with any new email interface or unique steps to be carried out. Aside from that, there are companies that provide solutions that guard you against phishing. This will basically allow email readers to recognize you as a trusted source. With an encryption solution for your email messages, you will have no troubles sending large files because it guarantees the documents it's delivering are safe for the receiving party.

Find the best company online that may provide you with email encryption solutions. This will ultimately give you a secured email communication channel for you and your colleagues minus the problems of learning a new software or interface just to send an email. Businesses will have another reason to get such solutions since a lot of organizations providing encryption of email solutions offer them at affordable prices.

Lower the chance of having emails being breached due to poor security levels. Go online and look for an organization today to help you have a secured email environment.

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Email Encryption: What Is It For?

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Email Encryption: What Is It For?

This article was published on 2011/07/25