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An Email Client is an application that runs on a PC or workstation and enables the user to send, receive and organize emails. It is called a Client as the email systems are based on client server architecture. In an email client, mail is sent from many clients to a central server and it then gets re-routed to its intended destination.

An Email Client allows you to compose, send, receive and manage emails. There are many commercial and free email clients in the market. Some of them are Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird.

There are different types of email accounts like the ones provided by online services (Gmail, Hotmail) using a web browser and the ones offered by your Internet Service Provider like Comcast. Email Clients are useful if you have several email accounts and you want to check them from just one place.

Email Management is also an important feature of any email client. It helps you organize messages into folders. Message rules, can automatically have incoming emails segregated into specified folders, deleted or even replied to!

An email client requires you to configure your email accounts in the program in order to send and receive messages. In Windows Live Mail, the latest email client from Microsoft, you can setup Hotmail, configure Gmail and add and setup website email accounts. You can get step by step instructions on the website on how to do it. Once the email accounts have been configured, you can start composing, sending, receiving emails. Additional programs like web browsers will not clutter your workspace since all the messages from different accounts will come at one place.

There are several email client programs that you can get. There is a chance that your system will already have an email client if you are working on Windows. This default program was Outlook Express for Windows 98 and Windows XP and Windows Mail for Windows Vista.

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This article was published on 2010/11/01