Effective language for a successful email marketing campaign

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Most of us will regularly receive email bulletins from various companies, sometimes on a daily basis. Which emails do we read and what makes us want to read these emails? More often than not it is the clever use of language that grabs our attention and entices us to read on. Checking your inbox for the latest e-bulletins you have received can be a great place to start looking for ideas of what sort of language will deliver successful results.

Try to keep your email personal wherever possible. Address the email to each individual recipient using their name and follow personalisation throughout the email by using words like you and your. Some really effective email campaigns I have received even used the recipient name in the subject line in a catchy phrase such as ‘Thank you Amy!’… This has certainly got my attention and could make a clever feature in your next campaign.

It is important to describe how your product or service will benefit your reader personally. Do not simply reel off a list of features or company processes. It is far better to state what the product or service will do for your reader; will it help them to save time and money or will it increase productivity? Words such as save, boost, improve, lower, reduce and enhance will send a positive message to your customer. Try to avoid using words like cheap which could evoke a poor image of your product or service. Your customer is always after a good deal but at the same time won’t want to compromise on quality.

If you are sending an email campaign you will encounter further challenges from spam filters, which seek certain words that are often found in spam emails. Frustratingly these include words and phrases you may be tempted to use such as increase sales, amazing, great offer, click here and order now. Even words like free and increase can cause issues and it can sometimes be tricky to avoid using these. Some more obvious phrases to steer clear of include congratulations, winner, not spam, promise or guarantee you. It is always a good idea to run a spam check on any email campaign before sending out.

The first few lines of your email are the most important so use this space wisely. This is because many email programs such as Outlook will display the first sentence or two before the reader has opened the email fully. Make sure you state exactly what the email is about and what you want the reader to do – a ‘call to action’. It is also a good idea to include a company header so your email not only looks professional and official but your reader knows who has sent it.

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If you are thinking of sending an email campaign you will find a range of email marketing solutions online that offer specially designed email marketing software to help you create a professional email quickly and easily whilst reducing the risk of being blocked by a spam filter.

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Effective language for a successful email marketing campaign

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Effective language for a successful email marketing campaign

This article was published on 2012/02/15