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Advertising is one of the major activities that cannot be avoided by any company. Although there are many sources of advertising like newspaper, radio, television, etc but the most common advertising method used by companies is email marketing.  Bulk email server plays an important role in email marketing, if it is not managed properly then it can spoil your reputation by marking you as a “spammer” and if your server doesn’t work properly then whole functioning of the company can be affected. Thus for the proper functioning of company you have to take care of email server.

In order to manage your email server provider always keep in mind that the email list is clean irrespective from where you have taken and also check it out that email addresses are genuine and there should be no duplicity in the list because sending the same message twice creates bad impression on the recipient as it is unprofessional way as well.

Manage your email server provider in such a way that it should update you with the reports. It means it should send the report after each message even if your email addresses get return or come back as it will help you in cleaning your list. Moreover it should automatically eliminate the addresses that unsubscribe your emails or opt-out and automatically add the people those who opted-in.
Furthermore, your bulk email server should be managed in such a way that the message you are sending should not waste the time of the reader and the messages should be sent only to the people those who have really subscribed for your email messages. You should get the address from your own opt- in list or you can purchase from third party but it should be reputable.

Moreover, you email server should have an easy option of opting out of your emails. As it will protect you from label of "spammer” hence you should provide the way to the recipients of unsubscribing means that they don’t want to receive the emails from your company. It is necessary to give this alternative as once you get the tag of spammer people will not rely on your company all the campaigns  shoot by you will be the worthless . Your server should follow the CAN_SPAM law.

Last but not the least your bulk email server should be cost-savvy. It means it should work in that way that it should not amount to double the cost, hence it should work properly. Furthermore your computer and your server settings should be done properly so that it can work in best possible manner.

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Check Your Email Server Provider

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Check Your Email Server Provider

This article was published on 2013/08/13